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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: December 9-15, 2012


We all know who the ta'veren are in the Wheel of Time books, but who are the ta'veren from the history of our world? Who from the real world has shaped the course of history? Visit our General Wheel of Time Discussion forum and let us know.


The Aiel Social Group has introduced a new feature. Each month, they will have a discussion about one of the world's cultures, featuring guest speakers from each of the discussed cultures. This time, they are discussing Russia.


This month, the Black Tower Social Group is talking about random acts of kindness. What random acts of kindness have you done for others? What random acts of kindness have others done for you?


It's Holiday Mayhem over at the Shayol Ghul Social Group! The Black Ajah has planned some creative events for you, including games and a "Secret Stabber" message exchange to show your friends you care. Watch this thread for a guide to events as they are posted.


It's a role play featuring Wolfkin! I haven't seen one of these for awhile. Check out Finding the Wolves from our role players.

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