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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: December 18-24, 2011


The holidays are upon us! As a result, your friendly neighborhood front page bloggers are going to be on hiatus from writing our regularly featured articles during the week of December 25-31. We hope that none of you experience withdrawal symptoms next week.


If you enjoyed last week's theory blog about Logain, visit our General Wheel of Time Discussion forum to speculate further about his future glory. I strongly recommend reading the theory blog first, since Despothera gave us plenty of interesting ideas to consider.


The holiday season is a popular time for movie releases. Which new films are you most likely to see this December? Visit our Movies Discussion forum and let us know.


If you've stopped by the Artists, Crafters, and Writers Guild lately, you may have noticed a thread about an opportunity to design the base of the prestigious Hugo Award trophy. Yes, you will have to enter a competition in order to do this, but there is still time to enter, and it is a fantastic way to get your name out there as an artist.


If you are a member of the Shayol Ghul Social Group and want to help its leaders make it the best group it can be, report here and give them your feedback. You'll even get points for doing this!


The Wolfkin Social Group wants to hear all about Christmas from you. What was the best present you ever received?


Rumors of Trollocs that are too close for comfort lead some sisters of the Green Ajah to abruptly leave the White Tower. See where this role play, Rumors Outside the Shining Walls, takes these brave women.


As always, if you want to keep up with us over the holiday break, keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Google + accounts. Happy holidays, everyone!

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