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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: April 15-21, 2012


It's almost time for JordanCon! I can barely contain my excitement. Since I will be at the convention, you won't be seeing a roundup from me next week. If any of you are going, don't be shy about saying hi when you see me.


For those of you who weren't aware yet, we have fantastic news to report: Moiraine has won Suvudu's 2012 Cage Match! She had a formidable opponent in Kylar Stern, but the votes of her loyal fans helped secure her victory. You can see the write-up and fight results here.


Speaking of characters we love, if you can't stop talking about Mat, we have just the thread for you in our Structured Wheel of Time Discussion forum. This forum is one that has rules for posting, so be sure to read them first.


The Aiel Social Group's current monthly discussion theme is cover art. What is some of your favorite cover art? Do you think that the cover art greatly influences whether you buy a book?


The Black Tower Social Group has created an impressive new scavenger hunt called The Search for the Holy Angreal. The game hasn't started yet, so head to the thread I linked if you want to sign up. It looks like it will be lots of fun.


April in the Kin Social Group is all about spring! They have contests, exchanges, discussions, and games for you to enjoy. Use this thread as a guide to the month's festivities.


Wait a second...it looks like the Highest of the Red Ajah and an Asha'man are going on a date! Is this madness? No, it's our role players with another unexpected story called Meh...It's Not REALLY a Date. Check it out to see what unfolds.


See you at JordanCon!

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