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Dragonmount Patreon Launched

Jason Denzel
  • Dragonmount has launched a Patreon fundraiser in order to provide even more incredible Wheel of Time content.

For 21 years Dragonmount has provided what I think is top-notch WoT content. (That's more than half my life!) The vast majority of it has been self-funded, or done with the assistance of ad revenue, online store sales, or (on occasion), member donations. 


In addition, a large portion of my earnings from my own book sales have also gone to fund this grand enterprise. (I'm happy to do it!)


But with the Wheel of Time TV show coming soon, along with a major boom of new fans, my volunteer staff and I have stepped up our game in order to be ready for the challenge. Here's a run-down of some of the things we've already done recently so far:


  • Upgraded hardware.
  • Invested in cloud-based redundancy & backups.
  • Integrated w/ bleeding-edge content & security systems.
  • Revamped the entire website.
  • Improved the mobile experience.
  • Overhauled our forums
  • Launched online Clubs.
  • Countless other small things....


And most notably, you've probably already noticed but we've drastically improved our social media presence


So the volunteer staff and I are ready to take DM, and the WoT community, to the next level. But to do that, we need your help. That's where this Patreon comes in.


We're seeking people to help us fund our efforts by donating as little as $5 per month. In return, you'll get some notable incentives including:

  • Additional WoT history, insight, content.
  • Extra 4th Age podcast episodes.
  • Access to live online chats w/ cool people like Team Jordan & Brandon Sanderson.
  • Instant access to download "Finding Robert Jordan", a short story written by me.


If you love what we're doing, and want to see us take it to the next level, I hope you'll consider supporting us. Take a look at our Patreon page to read the details. Spread the word. Tell people how much you love getting exclusive stuff that provides insight to the series.


We all know how special the Wheel of Time is. Our community is about to be Reborn into a new Age of fandom. This is an exciting time for the franchise, and it's my goal to have Dragonmount continue to be a top-notch location for all things WoT.


Thanks for reading this thread, and I hope you'll consider backing us!


(PS: Backers will also get occasional special content for my sci-fi & fantasy books as well! So it you enjoyed the Mystic Trilogy, or want to learn more, or want to be the first to hear about my next writing projects, you can get that through the Patreon!)


Patreon Link


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