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Dragonmount on Facebook

Jason Denzel

Dragonmount is now on Facebook.com. If you're a member of Facebook, please go to www.facebook.com/dragonmount and "Like" our page.


By doing so, you'll get regular commentary about news, developments, and insight into the Wheel of Time from both myself (Jason Denzel), and Jennifer Liang (DM co-webmaster, and convention chair for JordanCon). Jennifer and I regularly use the @dragonmount Twitter account to chatter almost daily about our various experiences with the franchise. These updates will now be mirrored onto Facebook, allowing you to follow us in either location.


(And for those of you who've been paying attention: yes, we've actually been on Facebook for a while now, but the "group" we setup wasn't equipped to mirror our twitter commentary.)


We're looking forward to expanding our community to you on Facebook. See you there!

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this year in march 2010 suvudu started cage match in which tha characters from various fantasy novels were made to fight against each other...the fight was written and the winner was predicted.....but the actual winner was decided by fan votes

Rand Won the Cage match 2010.

this october they strted a new cage match as Cage Match-villians taking villians from various movies novels and cartoons....but they did not take one from Wheel of Time....so after many arguments they accepted our demands to let winner of the Cage Match Villians (Gregor Clegane(Mountain that rides)) to fight against Winner of Cage Match 2010(Rand Al'thor(Dragon Reborn)). the match is on 20th december 2010 plz help Rand win it again


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