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Dragonmount Mobile!

Jason Denzel

Dragonmount.com is now optimized for modern mobile devices!


One of the biggest pieces of feedback we had from our visitors was that you wanted to have a mobile version of our website. Specifically, there was a desire to have a mobile-version of our forums.


Well, we delivered.


Beginning immediately, if you point your modern mobile device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) at our forums: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/, you'll get a slick, mobile-friendly version to browse.


As an alternative, if you prefer to have a dedicated application for your iPhone or Android, then we have that to!


About Tapatalk

Tapatalk is a mobile forum app for iPhone / Android and soon to be on Blackberry and Nokia. Tapatalk supports all the usual forum functions plus full screen image viewing, image upload, caching (less reload), private messaging, all these features are accessible in just a few simple taps.


Tapatalk for iPhone:

Showing New and Unread Posts:




Full Thread Viewing and Pagination Support:



See Who's Online:



Reply to Post and Image Upload:



Some of the large forums activated Tapatalk support




Tapatalk for Android


Total Android Look and Feel



Same feature set as iPhone:



Quickly Reply to a conversation:


Latest and Unread Posts indicator and multi-tabs support:



Full screen image support - support landscape mode also




Check out http://www.tapatalk.com for more information!

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