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Call for Applications: Two Front Page Blogger Positions Now Open!


The book tour blog hiatus on the front page is over, so that means I need to flesh out my staff again.


I am calling for applications for two people to

join my staff as bloggers. Applications for these positions will be open until Wednesday, March 27th.


Description of the Job Positions:


1. The first open position is for a Fan Art Friday Blogger.  This person will be responsible for a short weekly column that will have such content as fan art, analysis of fan art, and occasional interviews with artists.  Please look here for past examples of this column.


2. The second open position is for a Rotating Features Blogger. This person will be responsible for a short weekly column that will have different types of content each week. This person will work off a list of ideas for features (partly ideas that have already been thought of for you, and partly ideas you can make up and run by me for approval) and rotate the features. For instance, the first Thursday of the month could be for interviews with people who have contributed to the fandom, the second Thursday of the month could be

for tips about WoT merchandise (e.g. where to get the best Aes Sedai rings), the third Thursday of the month could be a contest, etc.  Please look here for past examples of this column.


Job Duties for Both Front Page Blogger Positions:


1. Bloggers are expected to produce content in their respective areas for the

front page once per week. They must be able to meet deadlines in a timely



2. Bloggers occasionally will be called upon to assist the Front Page Admin

with brainstorming new ideas for features.


3. Bloggers are expected to dedicate time each week to the Front Page Bloggers Staff Board and the DM Staff Board. As members of DM Staff, they act as representatives of the members of DM and their input is vital in the decision making process. Bloggers should be actively engaged in discussions on staff boards.


4. Bloggers must be able to give at least a 6 month commitment of approximately 5 hours per week. LOAs will come up, of course.


Anyone who thinks they can fulfill the requirements may apply. Strong candidates are people who possess the following qualities: efficiency, writing ability, organizational skills, creativity, maturity, and the ability to work well with others.


The Application Process:


If you are interested, please send an email to frontpage@dragonmount.com.


In each application, please include:


* Your DM Handle.


* Some details about who you are in real life, including anything you think will have prepared you for leadership (including past online leadership experience).


* A sample of your writing consisting of at least three short paragraphs. This can be in the form of a brief essay, a blog, a school paper, a newspaper article, a forum post, a short story, or a role play. You do not have to write something new for this application; in fact, many of you already have forum posts that are long enough to count. I mainly want to get an idea of your writing style.


* Anything else that you think would set you apart from other applicants.  Why are you the best candidate?




Note: Please specify the position for which you are applying (Fan Art Friday Blogger or Rotating Feature Blogger) in your application.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will try to answer




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