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April Forum Roundup


It's time for the April Forum Roundup.


The Dragon Reborn Role Play has been revamped and it's now easier to navigate and engage in current threads!  It’s open to any who want to roleplay within The Wheel of Time world!


The General Wheel of Time Discussion continues and features Verin, the Forsaken, the Choden Kal, Bors, and others.  The Wheel of Time is so detailed and has such depth to its world and characters there will always be something to ponder.


DM Mafia has multiple games in progress for those that enjoy a mystery.  Each game is labeled by skill, so you know what to expect before signing up.


The Aiel Social Group has been busy with their Humor Week and can boast six ongoing topics.


Shayol Ghul featured "Flatter the Nae'Blis" this month and some interesting games, one that includes an "Executioner!"


The Wolfkin were still busy with "Chili Dunking" and held a serious discussion on "After Death," as well as a new game, "Email Game - Seers."


The White Tower and Warders Social Group featured events held by the Green Ajah and the Warders on the Tar Valon Board.  M'Lady La Fluer has been sharing her beautiful Wheel of Time collages.


Dragonmount members have also been busy traveling and enjoying JordanCon!  Stay tuned for a recap of the Con and a photo gallery of all the happenings!

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