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The Wheel of Time "ReWOTch"

Katy Sedai
  • Join us every Monday as we "ReWOTch" the first season of The Wheel of Time

Join Dragonmount for our episode by episode "ReWOTch" of season one of The Wheel of Time on Prime Video.


Every Monday at 9pm eastern we will be streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. Join Rebecca, Thom, and Ebony as we experience the first season again. 


If you missed last weeks episode, you can find it here. Just press play on your prime video episode at the same time you hit play on our stream. There's a countdown on Dragonmount's stream that will help you align the two videos. 


Showrunner Rafe Judkins said he’d answer one question that came up during the live stream, so make sure to tune in and help us determine which question to ask!


After episode one, we asked Twitter to help us choose the question.



Our fans on twitter picked - What is something you think no one has noticed or commented on from this episode?

Rafe replied with a little help from book consultant Sarah Nakamura. Warning, there are some spoilers for future plot points. 



Hey all!  Sorry went straight into a day with 13 hours of meetings and no food breaks haha.  This is why I never use Twitter. Answer wise I’m sadly not that sure what things everyone’s sussed out already from the pilot, so I called in @sarahenakamura for help



We have so many Easter eggs everywhere everywhere (from the trinkets on Padan Fain’s cart to the fact that every house in the two rivers we built had named inhabitants from the books matching their described jobs/hobbies), but one Sarah didn’t think people had noticed was — (2/3



— nynaeve’s mention of “trust the river” to Egwene in the women’s circle ceremony.  It not only points to to Manetheren history and how to embrace the source (you can even hear water in Mo’s teaching scene in 102), but also how Nynaeve will eventually break through her own block

- Rafe Judkins on Twitter


Our next rewatch is episode two on Monday October 23 at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific. Come watch Shadows Waiting with us!


ReWoTch-Promo-Ep02 wide.png


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