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Rafe Judkins interview on Empire Spoiler Special podcast

Katy Sedai
  • New information about season two, and some thoughts on season one!

Katy is a news contributor for Dragonmount. You can follow her as she shares her thoughts on The Wheel of Time TV Show on Instagram and Twitter @KatySedai



The Wheel of Time Showrunner Rafe Judkins joined podcast host Helen O’Hara on The Empire Spoiler Special podcast this week. 


They discussed the first season, including clarifying some questions many book readers might have on some controversial choices. They also chatted a bit about season two and when and what we can expect. 


There’s been plenty of hopeful speculation about the timing of season two. Rafe said that it will be a while before we see it, and that there will be some time between Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings show and The Wheel of Time. Lord of the Rings will release on September 2nd 2022, which has some fans speculating we won’t see season two until early 2023. Rafe’s wording was vague enough that it’s hard to say when exactly we could see the second season. Rafe did mention that we can expect some cool content to tide us over in between the seasons, so keep an eye out for that!


Rafe confirms that Aviendha is cast and that we will see more Aiel than expected in season two. Season two will also explore what happened to Moiraine whether she was stilled or shielded, Rafe has been avoiding saying either way outright. The second season will also include story lines from books two and three, with Mat following his book three journey. Rand’s adventures will include most story beats and characters from books two and three, but mixed together. 


It seems as we move into the second season fans can expect even more changes than in season one. This definitely doesn’t sound like a word for word adaptation. 


Most of the interview focused on season one including certain story lines about the Two Rivers five, how well Dónal Finn is taking over as Mat, that Nynaeve burning out/fake out death, more about Suian and Moiraine, and a bit about the Age of Legends scene. 


A couple points Rafe clarified: 

  1. Emphasized again that this is the story of all five of our main characters, so some changes (Perrin’s wife, Mat’s backstory) are meant to set up the characters from the beginning. Mat especially needed more background. Amazon sent Rafe a 250 page document with survey data from book readers - those who finished the series, those who stopped mid-way, and those who started and didn’t make it very far. Every group agreed that Mat’s personality doesn’t really show up until book 3. 
  2. Many book readers misread the Nynaeve burn out scene, so Rafe emphasized that death cannot be healed. He said that the misunderstanding is on them and not healing death will be made clearer in season two. 
  3. Suian and Moiraine were using a ter’angreal to meet, but the exact metaphysics or location is still a bit of a mystery. Rafe said that they worked with Sarah Nakamura to ensure their private meeting place would work in-world. 
  4. The oath scene between Suian and Moiraine were purposely meant to feel like marriage vows. And Rafe said that as a queer person he thought their relationship was explicit in the books. 
  5. Helen and Rafe chatted about the reasoning behind not showing the fever dream early, was both to leave some mystery to draw in viewers, but also to explore what it means to be the Dragon Reborn. 
  6. About Lews Therin and the Age of Legends - nothing was misspoken in that scene. Some fans have pointed out what they see as inconsistencies between the show and the books, but it sounds like we will have to watch and find out where they go! 



To listen to this excellent interview you’ll need to subscribe to the Empire Spoiler Special Film Podcast here.  A subscription is £2.99 a month. 


What did you think of this interview? Anything surprising?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to join the discussion on our forums.  And be sure to check our TV section of the website

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That is great information. I really enjoyed Season 1 because it helped me understand the movie more deeply and I am also looking forward to Season 2. Hope there will be new or breakthrough information like rooftop snipers in part 2. I am looking forward to watching season 2.

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