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Wheel of Time "most excited for" TV adaptation

Mashiara Sedai

According to a Twitter poll from Amazon Prime Video, The Wheel of Time television adaptation is the most anticipated series.


(IMAGE TEXT: We have a lot of shows that started as books, but which UPCOMING book adaptation series are you most excited for? #WorldBookDay; 20% Good Omens, 26% The Expanse, 18% The Lord of the Rings, 36% The Wheel of Time)


While fans of the show rejoice, and agree, it's pretty amazing that Wheel of Time could top some of the other anticipated series.  Bleeding Cool states how they "were NOT expecting Wheel of Time to top that list."  Understandable, considering The Lord of the Rings has been hyped up.  As has Good Omenswhich already has trailers, cast, and an official release date (May 31, 2019--for those who were wondering).  


With Wheel of Time barely in production, this is a great indicator of how much we've wanted a show to represent our beloved series!


You can catch the latest updates from Rafe Judkins' Twitter feed, which he updates pretty regularly with interesting hints and tidbits.  Also, stay tuned to Dragonmount for more news.

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Very excited to hear this news. Ever since I first read TEOTW the wheel of time series has been almost like my bible, and the best thing about the series is it has good replay value for me. I can keep rereading the series over and over again and still enjoy it every time.


Have three questions. 1. Any word on when TEOTW will be available to watch on amazon video. 2. Is related to first question. How much progress has been made in adapting first book to tv, amzon video etc. 3. I am not sure but I am assuming based on this article that TWOT TV series will be made by and premier on amazon video. That would be great because I have amazon video and enjoy watching movies on it.


I cant believe nobody else has posted a comment about The Fire Within the Ways in Unfettered 3. Last time I looked nobody has even posted a comment or book review on amazon website. I thought it was a good story.


Thanks for sharing this news, and hope everyone has a cool summer and a happy Easter.

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