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WoT If... Foretelling is One of the Patterns Methods of Correction?


[Editor's note: BFG, a moderator for Dragonmount's Wheel of Time Discussion Board, is doing a guest blog for "WoT If?" this week.]


WARNING: A Memory of Light spoilers throughout.

Foretelling appears to be a very rare Talent that allows glimpses of the future; rare enough that Elaida gains status though her Talent for it is weak.  However, there are a lot of Foretellings that occur that precipitate important events that otherwise would not occur.  So perhaps they are methods of correction similar to ta'veren


There are two Aes Sedai whose Foretellings are crucial to the successful outcome of the story: Gitara and Elaida.  


Without Gitara's Foretelling, Luc would not have travelled to the Blight on a mission apparantly important to the survival of the world.  Although the reason for this is not made clear, I believe the importance of Slayer is to prepare Perrin in the world of dreams (the second time that Perrin needs to be there for Rand).


Also without Gitara's Foretelling, Tigraine would not have abandoned Andor, precipitating the War of Sucession and eventually House Trakand's rise to power and also Rand's eventual birth on Dragonmount; the rise of House Trakand is of almost equal importantce (after all, we know that the Dragon Reborn is not the only thing necessary for the Light's victory).


Elaida also has a Foretelling about the Royal House of Andor, which could equally relate to both House Trakand or Tigraine.  Elaida interprets it to mean that House Trakand is important and ensures that she aids them to gain their trust so she's in a position to influence events later, however as the Foretelling is made before Trakand assumes power, it could still relate to Tigraine.


Gitara then has an additional Foretelling resulting in her death, when she sees Rand's birth.  This precipitates Moiraine's search, the death of Tamra, and eventually the Black Ajahs actions, etc....


New Spring

Chapter 2, "A Wish Fulfilled"


"He is born again! I feel him! The Dragon takes his first breath on the slopes of Dragonmount! He is coming! He is coming! Light help us! Light help the world! He lies in the snow and cries like the thunder! He burns like the sun!"


So all these Foretellings precipitate action that otherwise would not occur, or at least it's difficult to imagine a sequence of events that would result in the same outcome.  But what of other forms of prophecy?


It's possible to argue that the entire Karaethon Cycle acts in part to prevent the stilling of the Dragon Reborn.  It also directly causes his flight to Tear and everything that happens subsequently, aids his acceptance of the importance of the Aiel, directly influences his actions regarding Callandor, helps inform his ultimate plan for taking on Moridin, etc....  These events all seem to be almost a blueprint to what needs to occur for the Light to win, Rand refers to them in a similar way, and in many ways the Foretellings are acting in a similar manner.  What do you think?

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I have thought along these lines as well. It seems that the Foretelling and Viewings actually set the events in which they predict in motion. There is the saying that knowledge is a double edged sword though. Think of this however, Siuan Sanche knew that she must stay close to Gareth Bryne or that they would both die (do to Min's viewing). Gareth Bryne knew nothing of this. Regardless of Siuan and Min's best abilities to heed the viewing, they failed. Gareth Bryne-not knowing of the viewing-still died. At least in this example, the direct knowledge of the viewing did not cause the circumstances that took place. Although you could argue that Bryne died due to the Warder bond, and had he not been bonded he could have lived.




"The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and we are only the thread of the Pattern."
   —Moiraine Damodred




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Actually Gareth did know about the viewing, Siuan told him about it when they were rescuing Egwene from the Tower.  However they both thought that it had been resolved then.


But you're right, this foretelling doesn't direct events, although it allows Siuan a (semi) informed decision when choosing to rescue Mat.  Another example would be Elaidas viewing of the Black Tower or Rand facing the Amrylins anger.  All of the decisions had already been made that affected this - Elaida had already directed troops to attack the Black Tower, boxed Rand etc.


Thanks for commenting

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If you say that Luc going to the blight was so Perrin could become stronger in the World Of Dreams then it was also so Egwene could learn the weave to counter balefire. if you recall that before she sacrafices herself she keeps remembering Perrin in the orld of dreams blocking balefire and saing "It's only a weave", and that helps lead her to destroy the sharan channelers. also there is Min's veiwing of the ruby hilted shadar logoth dagger around Mat's head which if he hadn't picked that up he would never have been able to be cured of the sickness which meant no one would have been able to stop Shiasm at the entrance to the Pit Of Doom

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