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Weekly Musings of an Insane Firebird: Rotating Features Blog Returns!

Gabriel Kross

First off, I'd like to thank Tynaal Consen for the hard work she put into this position as my predecessor and for giving me a good base foundation from which to start. As of today, I will be taking over as the Rotating Features Blogger. Here's some information about me for those of you who don't know me. I guess you could call me a bit odd, for lack of a better word. I started reading The Wheel of Time back in November of 2010, and I finished the series around June of 2011. I absolutely loved it; I couldn't put it down, and I even read it at work. Besides reading, I'm an avid fan of manga, anime, and video games. I'm a fledgling mafia player as well. I am pretty active around the Dragonmount forums.


I have quite a few plans for my blog. Some of them have been greenlit already, and some are still in the idea phase. One of my biggest plans that has already been greenlit is a countdown to A Memory of Light series review. Each month, I'll post a brief review of my thoughts on the book I am currently on for that particular month. I'll try not to put too many spoilers in there, as I know not everyone is finished with the series up through Towers of Midnight, and I'll make it obvious in the article title when it's a Wheel of Time book review. Also, I plan to finish up the rest of the Dragonmount Admin interviews from where Tynaal left off. Hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be posting one each month. The rest of my weekly articles will just be random topics of interest. I hope to make these articles interesting for everyone. I realize everyone won't like every article, since that's just personal preference, but I hope to get in something for everyone and am not above taking requests when I can squeeze them in. Keep in mind, though, I will not encroach on the other front page bloggers' territory, so if your request would fall under one of their categories, I won't be able to cover it.

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Cool, there's a reason why DM is my homepage. :P Also, is that the complete series on the bookshelf in your picture?

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