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Thursdays with Tynaal: Wheel of Time Recipes

Tynaal Consen

After a particularly boring episode of Come Dine with Me, I started giving the whole idea of dinner parties some thought and came to a conclusion that I thought might interest all of you out there. I decided any Wheel of Time fan would be a spectacular host. Just look at it this way: How often do you encounter an Oriental or Exotic theme? I personally have never heard of anyone having a Wheel of Time or Lord of the Rings inspired meal. It would be quite the experience to geek out in all parts of your life.


To enable such an experience, I spent some time trying to find places on the Internet that seemed to have respectable Wheel of Time inspired recipes. For some general recipes written by the members of the site, I suggest you check out TarValon.net's Library. If you would prefer to cook something up on the dark side of life, have a look at tWoTcast's old-fashioned Trolloc recipe and their recipe for Muradin's eyes. And for those of you needing a laugh today, here's a recipe to brew up your very own Forsaken.


Sadly, there weren't many places I could find recipes, but a great idea would be to simply let yourself be inspired by the Wheel of Time as others have been. Find something in the books that you think sounds superb and just create your very own version of it. I, for one, am definitely going to try my hand at making some honey rolls. If you manage to make your special Wheel of Time treat, let us know about your story of success.

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There is actually a cookbook out there with recipes from Lord of the Rings. I've never seen Wheel of Time recipes before, how fun!

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