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Thursdays with Tynaal: Our Social Groups

Tynaal Consen

Welcome back, folks!


It’s that time of the month again, when I have fun bringing Dragonmount a little bit closer to you. Last week, I introduced the Discussion forums to you and this week, we’ll be heading over to the Social Community of Dragonmount, as it is called. There are nine places where you can become a member.


First, we have the Artists, Crafters, and Writers Guild. Here you will find anything that a creative mind can desire. The name sums it up pretty well, really. If you like to draw, play around in Photoshop, write poetry or epic stories, or even if you’re one of those people who are killers with knitting needles, you’ll be sure to find some kindred spirits on this board.


Before I introduce the other eight boards to you, I will tell you what they’re about in a nutshell. These boards are referred to as “Social Groups”. So, as the name implies, they’re all about being social. Each one is built around the ideas of a different organization or society within the Wheel of Time. But, you don’t only get the chance to interact with fellow Wheel of Time lovers--I mean, that’d get pretty boring after a while, don’t you think? By joining any one of these Social Groups, you start off as an Initiate, Gai’shan, Civilian, Pup, or whichever rank is applicable for the group. After that, you have the opportunity to gain rank by doing various things within the group. Just as every group is based around a different theme, every group has its own ranks and raising procedures.


First off, we have the Aiel. They’re one of the pretty close-knit groups and have a very friendly and stimulating environment. You can strive to become an Algai'd'siswai or choose the path of a Wise One. For our music loving travelers, we have The Band of the Red Hand, by whose fireplaces you can find a seat and enjoy good company. Then there’s the Black Tower. If you enjoy spamming and would like to be rewarded for doing it, join the Black Tower and start posting to your heart's content. You’ll be a full-ranked member in no time. A very open, friendly, and cozy group is that of the Kin, where they focus on friendship, sharing, exchanges, and just having a good time together. For those who live for the stories in books or thrive on history, old battles, and military tactics (simply a few topics among many), the Ogier would be a perfect fit. Every group of people needs some bad kids; well, we’ve got them, and they reside in Shayol Ghul. Jokes aside, though, if you’re into random mayhem and a wicked sense of humor, this is one Social Group that you cannot pass by. Ever wished you could become an Aes Sedai or a Warder? Well, then sign up for the White Tower & Warders, where you can strive to become just that. Last but not least, we have the wonderful Wolfkin. This group focuses on all things related to nature and its members have a very playful side to them, so if you like the outdoors and are up for some fun, go check them out.


Phew, that was quite a bit to tell you guys. Can’t decide which Social Group you like the most? Well, check them all out! There is no limit on the number of groups that you can join, so knock yourself out. I hope you all take the time to pop into the Social Groups, as they are really quite fun. If you would prefer to get a feel for the group before joining, then feel welcome to post on their public boards and interact with the members. So, until next time!

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