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Thursdays with Tynaal: Our Role Playing Groups

Tynaal Consen

Hey there!


So, the last time that I told you a little about our boards here on Dragonmount, it was all about the Social Groups. Now we're going to have a look at the Role Playing Groups.


The first stop you should make if you wish to join a Role Playing Group or if you're looking for more information is the Welcome Inn. It contains stickied threads with information that is vital to your possible journey as a Role Player.


If you want to RP without the need to write up a whole biography for your character, you can use the Turnings of the Wheel: Revolution One board for that.

Your other option is to join a group and write a biography, which then has to be approved. You can begin writing after jumping through all the necessary hoops.


The different groups that you can join include the Band of the Red Hand, where you can join Mat's legendary fighting force and live the raucous life of a soldier. Then there's the Black Tower, where the Taint shall sing through the blood in your veins, or its opposite, the White Tower, at which you can fulfill your calling as an Aes Sedai. If you have ever wanted to live in the twisted mind of a Darkfriend, then the Congress of the Shadow is the perfect place for you. If you'd like to join those fighting the Shadow, there's always the Children of the Light or the Warders. Have you ever admired the senses of a wolf? Well, head over to the Wolfkin and give being one of them a go. Last, but not least, we have the Freelanders. Here you can be whatever you wish, be it Ogier, Aiel, Noble, or just some pickpocket finding their way.


Yes, there are some boards I haven't gotten to yet, but we're there now. The last lot of boards are the places where you actually role play. The board you play on is determined by where your plot happens. We have from the North to the South, and major places like the Farm for the Kin and the Citadel for the Children of the Light.


Now that NaNoWriMo is over, you need an outlet for your creative juices. So, why don't you give role playing a chance?


Also, if you don't want to miss the chance for your name to appear in A Memory of Light, get hopping and have a look at the JordanCon website. The competition ends today!

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