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Thursdays with Tynaal: Our Discussion Boards

Tynaal Consen

Hello again, everyone!


So, I've been having a great time telling you about various odds and ends in the Wheel of Time fandom. This week, I'm turning back to our home base, Dragonmount. I will be guiding you to a new place on Dragonmount every other week.


There is a lot more to this board than just information about The Wheel of Time. It's a fantastic platform through which fans can meet their fellow fandom members. Dragonmount offers a variety of features with which fans can interact on our forums. There are discussion boards, boards for creative-minded artists, writers, and crafters, and even game boards. Besides those, a large part of the forums is dedicated to Social and Role Playing Groups. Both base their structure on the various organizations that are found in the Wheel of Time books, but the Social Groups--as the name implies--are for social interaction of members. The Role Playing Groups concentrate on exactly that, role playing characters as though they were present in Randland.


This week, I'll bring closer to you a place that is a frequent first stop for new members. The discussion boards are a great place for people to voice their opinions--in a peaceful, non-flaming way, of course. There is a great variety of discussion topics available. We have entire boards for the discussion of individual topics, be it to discuss theories about our favorite series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson or to discuss other literary works in our General Discussion forum. For those needing a break from book-related matters, we have a Debates and Discussions board on which you do exactly that--debate. We also have Entertainment boards in which you can discuss games, tv shows, movies and sports.


So, next time you have some time on your hands and nothing to do, why don't you pop over and add your voice to the fray?

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