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Thursdays with Tynaal: JordanCon Fundraiser

Tynaal Consen

As you all should know, the last book of the Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light, is in the process of being written by Brandon Sanderson. Seeing as this is the last book, I really think you all should give this a go.


The Robert Jordan estate, Brandon Sanderson, and JordanCon, Inc. have decided to launch a fundraiser in order to raise funds for JordanCon and the Mayo Clinic. You have two options to support the fundraiser. For the first option, you can take part in a highest-bidder auction, with the winner getting a character named (within guidelines) after them, including a physical description! This auction will take place from November 1-10. The second option is donating $10 and entering a raffle, out of which Brandon Sanderson will choose as many names as he wishes and then will use them in A Memory of Light. You can enter into this drawing as often as you wish.


In my opinion, this is really something you should do. Not only do you get the chance for your name to be in A Memory of Light, but you also will be supporting JordanCon. Before I read this blog post by Jennifer Liang, I didn't quite realize what JordanCon meant. Reading the blog post actually gave me goosebumps:


JordanCon is such a special' date=' special thing to so many people. Did you know only three authors have conventions dedicated to them? JordanCon puts Robert Jordan in the same company as [b']Terry Pratchett[/b] and JRR Tolkien. We're an important part of his legacy. This fundraiser ensures that we will be able to continue JordanCon after the series is completed and continue to be the place for old and new fans of the series to meet and mingle every year.


So, grab that wallet, skip your extra frosting donut at work for a week, and donate to a good cause, even if it is just $10. They have raised just over $17,000 so far! For more information on the fundraiser, JordanCon, or the Mayo Clinic, you can check out the JordanCon website.

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