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The Wheel Turns: Fully Immersive


Hello, friends! The Wheel has turned all the way around to Thursday again, which means two things: the weekend is not too far away, and it's time for our Rotating Features blog!


Unless you have either been living under a rock, or else you really dislike video games, you must know of Skyrim, by video game company Bethesda.  It is the latest in The Elder Scrolls series which came out at the end of 2011 (my, how time flies). Skyrim is a role playing game in which you battle dragons and complete quests with a variety of weapons and magic available. Upon its initial release, it was pretty popular, and still is.


The point of all this being that recently, some clever people combined an Occulus Rift virtual reality device, an omni-directional treadmill and some Wii remotes to play Skyrim in virtual reality! It looks incredible! Here is an image of it in action:



And here is a link to the original article in case you want to find out more.


Right, so... All we need now is for someone to create a huge MMORGP set in the Wheel of Time world! And for all that virtual reality stuff to be readily accessible! And I can finally be a real boy... I mean Warder!


Here's hoping.


That's all for now! Have fun!


Until next time, friends!

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I wonder if you guys are aware of the Spells of the One power mod for Skyrim on PC. I been running around sheilding mages. conjuring Balefire, and binding bandits in flows of air for quite a while. Lots of fun!!

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