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The Wheel Turns: All About Gaming




Hello, friends! The Wheel has turned all the way around to Thursday which means two things: it's nearly the weekend, and it's time for our Rotating Features blog!


This week I want to talk about a hobby of mine, and that is board games. Now I need to stress a few things here--firstly, by board games I don't mean Monopoly. There is a growing trend of geeky board games in various fantasy, science fiction, and other settings, and they are awesome. If you aren't yet a fan of gaming, watch this video.


Personally I'm really getting into the board game scene and have picked up a few of them. And one that I am really enjoying is Arkham Horror. It's not Arkham as in Batman, by the way, but a city or town in the world of renowned writer H. P. Lovecraft. You may have heard of one of his more famous works, "The Call of Cthulu." His writing is a blend of dark, Gothic science fiction/horror.


The game Arkham Horror is very immersive, as you control investigators in the city of Arkham. Portals to other worlds keep opening and various hideous monsters pop out and roam the city streets. You, the investigators, must arm yourselves, collect clues, close the gates, kill the monsters, and try to prevent the Ancient One--which could even be Cthulu himself--from awakening! It's really great fun, challenging, and almost like a role playing game. I thoroughly recommend it, although it may be a little off putting if you aren't used to playing these kinds of board games.


If that is the case, I really do recommend you to find your nearest genuine gaming shop and see what is out there. Settlers of Catan is an excellent, easy to play game, even better with the Cities and Knights expansion. There is also a very good Game of Thrones board game where you each play as one of the Houses of Westeros. There is literally so much to choose from. I haven't yet seen a Wheel of Time board game but there may well be one!


If you're at all like me and are a little bit geeky--which is in fashion these days, by the way!--you really want to get into tabletop gaming. And if you are, then try out Arkham Horror--I've fallen in love with it.


Have fun!


Until next time, friends!

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Arkham Horror is one of my favorite first-time experiences because you're so powerless it feels like a Lovecraft story.  A couple other board games I would suggest would be the Red Dragon Inn games, as well as Quarriors.  They are terrific party games!

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