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Fandom Flair: Sailor Moon Crescent Wand

Mashiara Sedai

Earlier this year, the classic anime Sailor Moon had a theatrical rerelease of the first film Sailor Moon R: The Promise of a Rose. Sailor Moon was my favorite anime when I was growing up, and I would wake up at 5:30am on weekdays to catch the episodes playing on the WB before school. When I found out the movie was going to be shown on the big screen, I knew I had to see it with my friend Jessica.


And I never like to go to these sorts of events empty handed. I looked high and low for my original Moon Rod, but I seem to have lost it at some point over the years. That left making one.

I will preface this with the admission that I was rushed on this project and only used items on hand—I couldn’t justify spending extra money on making a Sailor Moon themed wand. Sometimes being an adult sucks. So, with that said, this was not my best work.
I wish I had a few more days and a few more dollars. But, it still turned out good enough to tag along to the show.

For materials I used aluminum foil, a metal rod for holding down tents, clay, and paint.

First, I wrapped aluminum foil around the metal rod to make the handle.


After that, I crafted a crescent moon for the top, and a ball for the Silver Imperium Crystal. 



I attached them all together.



Then I covered the handle with pink clay.


I used yellow for the crescent until I ran out and then had to add white.


I covered the ball with white.


I cooked the whole thing according to the directions.

Once it cooled (I did all this in one afternoon, the day before the show), I painted each section. I went over the handle with a glossy pink, the yellow to cover up the white spots on the crescent, and the crystal a metallic silver with black lines to symbolize it’s many sides.


For finishing touches, I hot glued the band around the bottom of the crescent and the handle. I painted them white.
My Sailor Moon cosplay outfit completed the look.




Another moviegoer was in a Sailor Moon inspired kimono and looked gorgeous! If they rerelease anymore, I’ll have to make a Princess Serenity outfit. Or I can make that just because. 
Thanks for reading! Next time, I want to show you a super cute Haku plushie I made for the Studio Ghibli Fest—October’s featured film will be Spirited Away!

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