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Fandom Flair: Amyrlin Stole

Mashiara Sedai

Welcome back to “Fandom Flair,” Dragonmount’s blog that shows you how to incorporate fandom love into everyday life. 

Last time I promised to show you how to make an Amyrlin Stole with the scraps of the Ajah quilt.  The two projects are actually very similar in execution. 

Materials Needed:
3 inch by 60 inch strip of fabric in every Ajah color
10 inch by 60 inch strip of backing fabric
Sewing machine


If you look for pictures of Amyrlin Stoles online, you’ll notice most of them are knit/crocheted.  Knitting or crocheting is a pretty easy way to get the thin strips of colors side by side.  With fabric, you can’t just buy 3 inch strips.  Most places will only give you a minimum of 1/4 yard (9 inches), and most fabrics don’t come in 60 inch widths.  That’s what makes this difficult, unless you bought the fabric for other projects (as I did with the Ajah quilt).  So, if you don’t want to invest in so much fabric just for a Stole, knitting or crocheting is a great alternative.  Personally, I don’t have the patience to knit or crochet, so this is the only option for me.


Step 1: Cutting your fabric

I was left with 22 inch by 60 inch cuts of all seven fabrics after the quilt was finished.  The first thing I did was cut off a small 3 inch sliver from each color.  I used a rotary cutter for this since it was easiest to slice the 60 inches. 



Step 2: Sewing

Once again, I wanted the colors to be authentic to canon.  The order on the Stole is blue, green, yellow, red, gray, white, brown.

Just like the quilt, I put the blue face up, the green face down, and sewed up the right side.  I used 1/2 inch seam allowance which, in theory, would give me an inch strip of each color for the finished product.  (It actually wound up being about an inch and a half; an inch would have looked better.)

Next, I put the yellow face down on the green and sewed.



I sewed the red to the yellow, the gray to the red, the white to the gray, and the brown to the white.




The whole process was very quick!

Once they’re all sewn together, iron down the seams.  I folded the seams away from the white since it was the most see through.



Step 3: Backing

Here’s a cool tip: use the backing as an opportunity to have a Keeper’s Stole!

Pick a fabric in your Ajah color (mine is White) and use that as the backing fabric.  That way, if you flip it around, you have a Keeper’s Stole, just in case.

I had a large chunk of a white satiny fabric that I chose for my back.  I decided to pin my stole down to the backing, right side to right side, and cut along the edges.  This gave me an easy way to ensure my backing fit.  As I said, I tried for 1/2 inch seam allowance, but I’m not always the best with getting my seams straight.


Step 4: Make a pillow

With the fabrics right side to right side, sew all along the length, along one of the sides, and up the other length.  This creates something similar to a pillow.





Next, flip it inside out, paying attention to get the corners as sharp as possible.  Fold the raw edge under an inch or so and sew closed with clear quilters thread.




And you’re done!


Amyrlin Stole (17)


Amyrlin Stole (18)


Altogether, this project didn’t take more than a few hours.  It’s much simpler than the quilt, and maybe a little bit more impressive.  Next time, I want to hop on the Pokemon Go craze and show you how to make a pokeball plushie.

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