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A Roll of the Dice: 2014--An Age of Legends


Greeting all! It is Thursday again meaning it is time for another installment of the Rotating Features blog! The dice have been been tossed and the featured topic has been chosen.


As the Ages come and pass, we must reflect on the times gone by as well as towards the future. One Age, an Age of Legends, is currently being studied, weighed, and judged by the Dragonmount community. Thus it is only fitting we take time to look back at the members who have made our favorite Wheel of Time website, Dragonmount, so special. It is time for the 2014 Empy Awards!  




The Empy Awards are your chance to recognize Dragonmount members for their contributions to the community. The awards are set up into four broad categories; Discussion Boards, Social Groups, Role Play, and finally the whole of Dragonmount. Within each category are specific awards which members may be nominated such as 2014’s Funniest Role Play Thread, 2014’s Best Signature Artist, 2014’s Best Wheel of Time Geek, and my personal favorite 2014’s Most Evil Member. These are just a few of the awards you can nominate fellow Dragonmount members for.


Here's the link to the full list of awards as well as the nomination rules. Please read the entire post for all the rules on nominating a member for an award. There are a few rules I would like to highlight as they can be missed if you are just glancing over the post. The first is the awards are for the 2014 calendar year. This is important as members who joined during calendar year 2015, or got positions during 2015 are not eligible for the 2014 Empy Awards. Second is you must have taken part in the specific area in order to nominate someone. For example, I cannot nominate someone for role play awards as I have not taken part in any role play threads. Lastly, let us remember one should not just simply nominate friends. Go back and reread some of the threads, then nominate the member you believe really best fits the category. Be objective and make an informed decision, this is the only way for the Empy Awards to maintain integrity and not simply become a popularity contest.


Nominations will continue through March 11, 2015. Voting will begin on March 18 and be open for one week. Awards are scheduled to be announced on March 25.


Unfortunately we were unable to book Neil Patrick Harris to host the awards, but we have a team of Dragonmount members diligently working towards making these awards a resounding success. Special thanks to Elgee, Barid Bel Medar, Taymist, and Nynaeve for all their hard work and dedication to make these awards possible and full of awesome.


Now go forth and nominate your fellow Dragonmount members for Empy Awards! Until next time, this is Azeryn signing off to finish packing for an expected journey.

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