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Wheel Funny: Mat's First Radio Experience


Being a celebrity in Randland wasn't just fun and games (or in Mat's case women and gambling). Here's an example of Mat's first radio experience.


Host: And welcome to another session of WHEEL FUNNY on DMRadio: Today we have our guest of honor Matrim (:ord) Cauthon AKA The Gambler, The Prince of the Ravens, The Son of Battles, The Lord of Luck, The….

Mat: I’m no Lord. I’ve more respect for myself than that.

Host: Ok, Mat, I'm happy to welcome you to the show. I have a couple of people on the line that’d like to ask you a couple of questions.

Caller 1: OMG! I like can't believe like I'm talking to you, so I like wanted to know like what's the stupidest thing you’d ever done?

Mat: Blood and bloody ashes, I would say getting married.

Caller 2: Hey Mat! Could you do your best impression of Moirainie!!

Mat: *grins* The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

Caller 3: Hey Mat, could you say something in the Old Tongue?

Mat: *rolleyes* Dovie'andi se tovya sagainHost: And we’re going to take a short commercial break now after the break we can continue the calls for Mat here, this show is sponsored by Tinkers tm (if it’s broken we can mend it).


*commercial Break*


Announcer 1: Do you feel like your neighbors are Darkfriends? Are you frightened they’ll curse you? Just call us on WhiteCloak or 2289-1953-1215-0111 and we’ll take care of it!


Announcer 2: Ever wanted to visit the Island of Madmen? Maybe a visit to Seanchan? Just book a cabin on the Sea Folk Cruise Liner, where there's plenty to see, on and off the boat.

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