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The Lighter Side of the Taint: Public Broadcasting Never Had It So Good


3:00pm    Where in the Wetlands are the Shaido Aiel?


   This week's contestants will be searching the land of Andor for signs of the Shaido.  Will they be able to solve the clues in time and find one of the missing Shaido septs?  Tune in and find out!  


3:30pm   Tales of Jain Farstrider for Kids


   Jain learns why sharing and teamwork is important when Tarmy Trolloc starts causing trouble again.  Little Barillille gets in trouble when she disobeys her parents, and is rescued by a new friend.


4:00pm   Kerin Burin's War of the Hundred Years, Episode 12


     In this episode, learn how the shield of the north was formed by the newly risen kings and queens of the Borderlands, and how they refused to let the Shadow through in that century of troubled times. 


6:00pm  This Ogier House


    Visit with the Ogier Builders this week as they visit a store in Tar Valon to fix the masonry and reinstall the lighting.  Norhm then takes you to visit a local craftsman who builds Trolloc War era furniture.


7:00pm   B'hab Rahoss Teaches Painting


    B'hab gives instructions to paint a memorial painting of the fall of the Seven Towers of Malkier.  Grab your brush and canvas and paint along!


8:00pm   The Thom Merrilin Show


   This week on his musical variety show, Thom has special guests The Ta'veren Trio performing their latest hits: "The Caemlyn Polka" and "Two Rivers Trouble".  Hear the gossamer voices of the Ajah Sisters singing some of the best ballads this side of the Misty Mountains.  And, as always, the gang gathers round to sing a rousing chorus of "Roll out the Trolloc" as Thom dances with the audience members. 


9:00pm  Late Night Movie: "Revenge of the False Dragon"


             They thought they had stilled and silenced him, but he's back for vengence.

             Stars Lian Vuwel, Gota Brien, and Jainen Zeva


11:00pm Station Sign off

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