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The Lighter Side of the Taint: One-Upmanship And Sundry Thoughts





Rand:  I gave up a hand, got a wound in my side, and am slowly going mad from another man's memories in my head...


Mat:  Oh yeah? Well...  I gave up an eye, got hanged from a tree, and am also going slightly mad, but from SEVERAL men's memories in my head and some dice rattling inside of it...


Perrin:  I... uh...  gave up an axe, once ripped a few buttons off one of Faile's dresses by accident and... um... yeah.  I yield on this one...



Random thoughts from the Tainted One:


Honestly, when I think of the Snakes and Foxes, I really can't help but occasionally think of them as the Wheel's Waldorf and Statler:


    "Why do we even watch the weaving of the Pattern?"

    "Have you seen what else is on?"

    "There's something else on?"

    "My point exactly! Hohohohohoho!"


This of course, brings to mind the thought that maybe, a hilarious sketch for The Wheel of Time series could be done a la the Muppets.  Kermit as Rand, Gonzo as Mat, and Fozzie as Perrin: 


    Fozzie:  Hey Rand! I know how you can remove the taint...  You just gotta change the channel! Wakka wakka!

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