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The Lighter Side of the Taint: March On In



Don't get me in trouble with your drill sergeant, please?




Old man Shai'tan lives on up in the Blight 


Can't find a date for a Saturday night


When the Amyrlin heard about his plight


Told us all to go up and treat him right


So we got dressed up in our Sunday best


Need to make sure that he's impressed


And when he lets us be his guest


Gonna lay him to his eternal rest





Call: Now Warder hey you Warder well don't you cry 


Response: Gonna get ya bonded to an Aes Sedai


C: Prettiest Green that you ever did see


R: Standing by the wall making eyes at me


C: Next to her stands a beautiful Blue


R: Don't know why she's a-lookin at you 


C: Standing with a book is a cutie Brown


R: Wonder what it is that she's writing down


C: Coming up now on a lovely White


R: Wouldn't mind hearing some of her insight


C: There's a pretty lady dressed all up in Gray


R: Talking so sweet just to get her way


C: Shopping us now is a fine young Yellow


R: Gonna bond herself some lucky fellow


Book Red Call:  Heads up guys here comes a Red


Book Red Response:  Turn around now or we're all dead


Forum Red Call:  Look out boys, it's the scarlet skirts


Forum Red Response:  Careful now or we'll lose our shirts

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