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The Lighter Side of the Taint: Bad Boys, Bad Boys



Reader discretion is advised.







Children is filmed on location with the men of the Children of the Light.

All Darkfriends will be brought to trial for their crimes.




Honestly, the best thing about this job is that you get to help the people of the world. I mean, just think of what would happen if these fools went on with their killing and destruction? We can't allow the Shadow to spread, so we go where the Light wills and bring peace and justice.



Right, and you get to travel to all sorts of different places. I've personally never been to this area of Amadicia, but it's a beautiful country, and they understand that, even if it doesn't seem pleasant, your duty is yours to do, so they've been pretty helpful to us.



And respectful too. That's the nice thing about wearing the sunburst; it allows people to see you're someone to be respected, and feared a little. But you have my word that we're out to help the people.



Indeed. That's why we're out here. We've heard reports of Darkfriends gathering in the local countryside and we can't be having with that. So, we're traveling the roadways, stopping here and there and seeing if anyone has heard any news.


(Horses pull up outside of an inn)


Now, we're heading in to this inn because we've heard rumors that a Darkfriend was seen in the area, and may have stayed here plotting his foul deeds.





Morning, sir! I and my companions here are seeking out the enemies of the Light. We wish to ask you a few simple questions about a traveler that may have passed through here about a week ago.



Yes, yes, of course. I'll tell you anything you wish to know, gentlemen.



We'd expect nothing less from one who walks in the Light. Now, sir, was there or was there not a gentleman with a beard and a slight scar on his right cheek?




Yes, sir...I saw him. He came in asking for a room and I noticed the shadows seemed to follow him. I sent him packing on his way, sir. No help for the

Shadow here, sir. Honest, sir.



That's good. Did he mention which way he was headed?



No, sir. Saw him shake his head and head off that way down the road.



Thank you, sir. If you don't mind, though, I'll have Inquisitor Vareyn come in here and double check what you've told us, and then we'll leave you to your business.


(Children head back out as a man with a shepherd's crook on his robe enters. Cameraman quickly exits.)



Well, we'll know by tonight if this man's story can be corroborated, and whether or not he may have been our Darkfriend's contact in this town. Either way, this town may have fallen under the Shadow, so we'll be sending back a messenger to the Fortress of the Light and ask for a banner to be sent here to make sure that these fine folks walk under the Light.

(Distant cries of pain)


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