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The Lighter Side of the Taint: Another Short Commercial Break


Do you want to make more money, or even any at all?


We ALL do.


So why not find out how easy it is to train at home! Write to the address at the bottom of this flyer.


At University of Cairhien's Correspondence School, more than 100 men and women have trained for job promotions and even new careers without setting foot in an apprenticeship.


Choose from any one of these available courses:


Wagon Mechanic


Tapestry Repair


Traveling Peddler

Dragon Making

Ogier Construction


Earn Your Degree


Be sure to ask for an information packet for the course you're most interested in.


Our staff are on hand and ready to help you into an exciting new world, so write today!


School of Cairhien

Correspondence Office

106 Damodred Lane,


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