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Meme Monday: Perrin

Mashiara Sedai

Here are some more Wheel of Time memes.  I can't get enough of them!  This week features our third favorite ta'veren: Perrin.


When the series starts, I loved Perrin more than Rand and Mat.  He's the only one who kept his morals after leaving the Two Rivers.  As he grows, he's strong, dependable, unyielding.  Well, there is that one factor that keeps many readers from adoring him...




Unlike most fans, I'm not put off by Faile's captivity by the Shaido.  And I don't dislike Perrin's chapters when he's chasing her.  For me, it's another facet of his personality that I love.  He is dedicated to her and he'll do anything to get her back.  If it had been switched, and Tuon or one of Rand's love interests had been taken, I believe Mat and Rand would have acted the same way.  Of course, Mat has a bigger, badder army so he has more resources, and Rand has the Asha'man at his disposal, so both could probably achieve success quicker.  But that's not Perrin's fault.


Perrin's wolfdreams are a huge part of his draw as a character.




His abilities in tel'aran'rhiod are almost more impressive than any of the Wise Ones.


And let's not forget Mah'alleinir.  This is an iconic scene within the whole series.  It's powerful and so full of potential.  It sets the stage for things to come after the Last Battle.




Say what you will, Perrin is still one of my favorite characters!


The memes this week come from Kevin O'Bryan of DMEN Designs.  If you have memes you want to share, email me at frontpage@dragonmount.com.

Edited by Mashiara Sedai

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