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Gleeman's Tales: #justwheeloftimethings

Meghan Rayburn

In the spirit of #justlittlethings and #justgirlythings, I present to you #justwheeloftimethings, an ever-growing list of things that are distinctly Wheel of Time. Feel free to add your own in the comments!


The following list comes, respectively, from knifeeared, livia-sedai, mats-bloody-hat, gandalf-sedai, vikrattlehead, morichele, and shootdoctorallen.



-telling no one your problems

-talking to wolves

-hunting men that can channel


-hearing voices in your head

-going into Tel’aran’rhiod

-balefiring things out of existence 


-channeling the power

-talking to dead people

-killing trollocs


-tugging braids


-not following advice


-floating in the void

-smoothing skirts

-having an expressionless face


-Ignoring the weather so it doesn’t affect you

-Eating some pipin’ hot honey cakes

-Bonds so strong you are truly emotionally and physically tied to another human being


-Hiding expressions in sips of wine

-Playing Daes Dae’mar

-Carving the Dragon’s Fang in your neighbor’s door



I hope those of you who are at Dragon Con are enjoying yourselves! Again, I'd love for you to add to this in the comments.


The Light illumine you!

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