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Gleeman's Tales: Crossovers

Meghan Rayburn

A small band of scared young men on the run from mysterious dark forces make a run for a ferry to get them to safety.  Fellowship of the Ring or The Eye of the World?


A young farm boy with special powers must learn to control those powers in order to fight dark forces in the world. Star Wars or Wheel of Time?


This week is all about crossovers. It's no secret that The Eye of the World resembles Lord of the Rings in more than a few ways, but it's the ways that the two are different that make The Wheel of Time so great.



Eye of the World was great because instead of a tall magic man forcing tiny hobbits to go on adventures, it’s a tiny magic lady forcing the tall people to go on adventures.



As the release of A Memory of Light approached last year, I could only think of one way to express my angst and simultaneous undying devotion to these precious books.




Here's another hilarious crossover which manages to draw a link between--not two--but three different stories which use the "'tribal' woman and 'civilized' man fall in love" cliché.



by maledictor


This next one is a reference to one of my favorite shows of all time, Arrested Development. My whole life has been building to the moment when these two incredible things would collide, and it is perfect.




by masyafs


A somewhat unlikely crossover sprung up which references the movie Shrek, which is (unexplainably) a favorite movie of the Tumblr crowd. Don't get me wrong, I love that movie, but...well let's just say some people are a little weird about it. At any rate:



"Poetry out of Lan? The man was like an onion; every time Rand thought he knew something about the Warder, he discovered another layer underneath." - The Eye of the World


This quote just begs a reference to the movie, right? Just replace Shrek and Donkey with Lan and Mat, and the dialogue is almost perfect.


Lan: Warders are like onions.
Mat: …they stink?
Lan: Yes—no!
Mat: Oh, they make you cry?
Lan: No!
Mat: Oh! You leave ‘em out in the sun they get all brown n start sproutin’ little white hairs!
Finally, I will leave you with one of the most timely references. Did anyone else, at the end of the movie Frozen, (SPOILER ALERT) find Elsa's "epiphany" to be curiously similar to Rand's in The Gathering Storm? It begs the comparison between Rand and Elsa as characters, to be sure.
That's it for this week, wetlanders. The Light illumine you!

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