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Fantasy Review: Night's Rose

Moon Sedai

Welcome to another Edition of Dragonmount’s Fantasy Review. This review will contain slight spoilers.


Night’s Rose

By Annaliese Evans



Rosemarie Edenberg, who is known by the name Briar Rose, hunts down the ogre tribes who hunt the humans of the earth. Like Sleeping Beauty, she slept for (almost) a hundred years. She did not wake up to a kiss from a perfect prince, however, but to something much darker.


From that moment, she worked to eliminate the ogres. She has two men who hunt with her: Ambrose, her fey advisor, and Gareth, a vampire. The story is more mature than what I’d expected to find: the romance starts within the first chapter.


Hot Button Issue/Spoiler: In her past, Rose was raped, and one of her two men involved in her love triangle ‘let it happen.’ It made the romance between the two a little more sordid, a little less appreciable.  This issue right here made it harder for me to complete the book.



The story does is an interesting mix of history and Sleeping Beauty, a fairy tale with romance. The relationships are complex, and the adaptation of the fairytale are intriguing. Rose herself is a strong woman, and I think she was a fascinating character.



The book was really hard to get into. While I ordinarily enjoy historical fictions, and I love the story of Sleeping Beauty, it was very hard for me to get started with reading the book. Perhaps it is because of the inclusion of vampires in the tale. I have recently read far too many vampire stories in recent years. Or, it could be that the tale hit into the steamy romance almost from the beginning.


My Rating:

2/5 Mostly because of the hot button issue.


If this book seems to spark your interest, you can purchase it through Dragonmount’s eBook store.

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