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Fan Art Friday: Moiraine & Lan


Hi folks,


We're launching a new feature on Dragonmount today: Fan Art Friday. Jason and I have always wanted to do more to showcase the wonderful creativity of the Wheel of Time community and this seems like a good way to do that. Some weeks I'll showcase a particular artist. Other weeks I'll focus on different interpretations of characters or scenes. If a post will have Towers of Midnight spoilers, I'll be sure to say so.


This week, since we're running the New Spring giveaway, I thought I'd pick out a few portraits of Moiraine & Lan.




This piece is by Cicely Combs. Long time fans of Dragonmount will recognize a portion of this piece. It was one of the rotating corner icons we used in the previous site design. One of the things I've always liked about this Cicely's art is the way she uses lines. The thick, dark lines give it the feel of a stained glass window to me. Your eye follows them, and it gives a sense of movement. You can almost see the cloaks flapping in the wind. It's a great piece.




This one I found on DeviantART by an artist who goes by "Manweri". This is a really nice, classic interpretation of the two. With Moiraine wielding saidar and Lan hefting that big sword, you get a sense of how dangerous these two are.




Here's a really nice pencil sketch of Lan by himself. The proportions are a bit off, but I really like the way the artist did the color shifting Warder's cloak. You can just barely see the outline of it surrounding Lan. This one was found on Elfwood. It's by Greg Scott.




Check out this stunning portrait of Moiraine by DeviantART user "Westling". One of the nice details I notice is that she has thin stripes of red, white and green, the Damodred House colors in the trim of her bodice. It's a detail that you don't usually see in fan art. The dark blue over gown has an incredible richness to it. The texture looks like velvet. And the lighter colored underskirt looks patterned, like lace. It's an incredibly textured painting and it adds to the realism for me. This looks like a costume you might see at JordanCon or Dragon*Con.


Well, that's all for this week. Did I miss your favorite version of Moiraine and Lan? Feel free to post links in the comments section.

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Great idea!


I've always loved the last one. I use it for the cover of the Strike at Shayol Ghul ebook. (I know Moiraine has nothing to do with the story, I just love the artwork!)

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Splendid!!! What a wonderful idea!! Thank you Jennifer and Jason and everyone else at Dragonmount for providing us with Fan Art Friday! Ever since eBook covers started to be released my appetite for WoT art has been out of control. I can;t believe it's actually been since September since we saw the last eBook cover. BS said we would be seeing ToM eBook cover "soon", especially since the eBook is released on 1/31, so hopefully Irene and Tor will release it ANY DAY NOW!!!! I am also eager to see the New Spring cover and the complete pencil sketchings for the split books, which are amazing so far. These are also wonderful pictures. I especially love the Combs one. Art is such a great way to express oneself, and because the fan artr is so extensive for WoT, I truly think that you guys nailed it with this idea. Thank u.

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Unfortunately, it isn't an actual ebook.


The story was available on the Tor website for quite a while, and after being copied into word, it was simple to convert to epub.

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