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Fan Art Friday: Celebrating Love


It's Friday, and that means fan art!


Today I'm going to deviate slightly from how I usually do things. I've been in a strange mood lately, a bit melancholy. And so this post is dedicated to my wonderful husband, who encourages and cheers me up when I get these moods. So today, we have a feature on Lan and Nynaeve. Their relationship is one of the most lovely I've read about; by themselves they are hurt and damaged from their past and their fears, but together, they grow so strong. They don't love each other despise their failures, but because of them. They grow together, feeding of each others strength, making each other better. They have their rough times and their arguments. But in the end it doesn't matter. They have each other, and that's all that matters.


The unusualness of this post is that I will not be commenting on each individual image. These images tell their story all on their own; they don't need my words cluttering them up. I've included more images than normal to make up for my lack of words though! So let's enjoy and celebrate the beautiful love of Lan and Nynaeve.



Lan and Nynaeve by Darkeningfire




Lan and Nynaeve by GrayInBlack





Lan and Nynaeve 3 by GrayInBlack




Come back to me by Holda-Volk




Lan and Nynaeve 2 by GrayInBlack




Hold the moment by Orcak1989




Lan and Nynaeve by Gorgaidon




Nynaeve and Lan - Wheel of Time by Endave



Personally, I think the first and the last ones are my favorites. But that sculpture has me really impressed too!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, my dear readers, and that you get to spend some quality time together with a special someone, whether it be a partner, family member, or a friend!

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