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Fan Art Friday: Architecture and Scenery (Part 3)


It's Friday again and Fan Art Friday is back with the last part of the Architecture and Scenery. This time there is more focus on scenery than architecture. This part brings to you scenery from Waygates to Mashadar to the Spine of the World.


The Waygates were made by the male Aes Sedai after the Breaking as a thanksgiving gift for the Ogier who had sheltered them. Gradually the Taint on saidin affected the Ways.  Machin Shin came into existence and devoured most who entered the Ways.


Mashadar was the product of distrust in Aridhol. It changed Aridhol, a great city, to Shadar Logoth or Shadow's Waiting. Mashadar devours most who enter the city. Even Trollocs fear to enter Shadar Logoth because of Mashadar.


The Spine of the World is the great mountain range which separates the main part of the world from the Aiel Waste. It is also called the Dragonwall by the Aiel.


The door of the way by lioucihan




Waygate at Manetheren by robchristainson




Fog suit 6: Mashadar by FalineDrake




Spine of the World by stickersticker


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