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Tor launches WoT mobile campaign

Jason Denzel
  • Tor launched a new Wheel of Time mobile campaign where you can get Wot facts and news alerts sent to your phone or messaging device.

Tor Books launched a Wheel of Time mobile text campaign today.  If you text the word Epic to 555111, you'll receive 3-5 trivia alerts per week. Here's the press release:

Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC—the largest publisher of science fiction in the world—is excited to announce a new mobile campaign for fans of the Wheel of Time series and Tor author Brandon Sanderson.

This January and February, Wheel of Time® fans who were able to attend a Brandon Sanderson book signing event for A MEMORY OF LIGHT, the final book in the series, were offered a complimentary booklet of Wheel of Time trivia, conceived with the help of Dragonmount.com, a Wheel of Time® fansite. While that booklet was a fun collectible for fans, it was of a limited quantity and many fans were unable to acquire one of their own.
Now, Wheel of Time® fans who weren’t able to meet Brandon on tour can sign up for Tor’s Epic Fantasy mobile alerts and get fun series facts sent right to their phones. In addition, signing up will give fans special access to content for Sanderson’s forthcoming YA book, THE RITHMATIST (which adults have also been raving about), including the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win an advance review copy of the book, a gift bag, and quirky little-known facts about the exciting, complex magic system found in The Rithmatist.
Beginning April 1, 2013, Brandon Sanderson and Wheel of Time® fans can take participate in this mobile campaign by texting “EPIC” to 555111 to receive facts, trivia, and more. Message & Data Rates May Apply. To enter online, visit epicmobilealerts.com. For SMS terms and conditions, visit http://link.me/smshelp.html
And no, despite this news article going live on April 1, this is not a joke. 

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