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Waygate Foundation Hosts Character Donation Drive

Mashiara Sedai

Want to vote for the greatest Wheel of Time character, and do a good deed at the same time?  To celebrate the release of The Wheel of Time CompanionWaygate Foundation is hosting a donation drive, encouraging donors to vote for their favorite character--Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, or Nynaeve--each representing their own specific charity.  Here are the details.


First, we’d like to recognize everyone who’s partnered with us to bring you this drive!

  • Bandersnatch and Team Jordan for giving us the privilege to run this campaign with their book release.
  • Tor Books for helping us advertise the campaign and for generously offering to match all donations at 100%!
  • Ariel Burgess, official Wheel of Time artist, for her gorgeous artwork, including an original Thom piece made just for this campaign.
  • Ta’veren Tees for offering up some great perks for our donors.
Speaking of perks, we’ve got a bunch!
  • The character that raises the most money by November 30 at midnight (EST) will get their face on a challenge coin to be released in 2016 by Ta’veren Tees.
  • The top single donor across the campaign will get a full set of signed prints by Ariel Burgess- one of each character, plus Thom (6 pieces total, images depicted on this page).
  • The top 5 donors for each team will get a signed print of that character by Ariel Burgess (images depicted on this page).
  • Everyone who donates a minimum of $10 USD to the winning team will get a 10% off gift card for Ta’veren Tees, valid in 2016.
  • All donations are eligible for tax deduction per IRS guidelines.
  • And of course, all your donations will be matched by Tor. Double your impact!
Be sure to check back here or Facebook often to see how your favorite character is stacking up. The drive ends on November 30, so you’ve got plenty of time to make sure your favorite takes the crown…err…coin!



As stated, each character represents a specific charity.  Here's the lineup, featuring beautiful artwork by Ariel Burgess:












Visit Waygate's website for more details and to donate!

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