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Statement of Support for a Diverse Community

Jason Denzel

In light of the currently ongoing protests that were sparked by the murder of George Floyd, one of many Black Americans whom has been unjustly killed, Dragonmount believes Black Lives Matter, and supports the movement. Here is our statement:


Dragonmount is a proud supporter of diversity and equality. 

As an international community of fans, we’re brought together by a shared love of the Wheel of Time series that, while far from perfect, has historically pushed boundaries of inclusion and diversity within its pages.  With the upcoming TV show from @WoTonPrime, we celebrate and look forward to an even more diverse interpretation of Robert Jordan’s grand saga. 

We gladly, warmly, and lovingly welcome people from all nationalities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations to our community. All are welcomed here. All are loved here. 

Dragonmount denounces bigotry of all kinds. We do not tolerate racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory behavior on our community platforms.

We will always strive to do better, and seek to move forward in solidarity with all those who champion the equal and inclusive rights of others. 


You can read more about our community forum Code of Conduct here.

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