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Some Exciting News from Ta'veren Tees and InkWing Arts


We recently received the following exciting news from our friends at Ta'veren Tees:  




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Ta’veren Tees, creators of officially licensed Wheel of Time® apparel and merchandise, and InkWing Arts, creators of epic goods from the worlds of Brandon Sanderson, are teaming up to make sure you can find apparel from BOTH companies no matter what convention you attend.
The agreement allows each company to sell the other’s products at conventions, which will increase access to apparel for Wheel of Time® and Brandon Sanderson’s other novels for the fans.
“This is great for both companies, because our products can be at conventions that we would not normally be able to attend,” said Jeffrey Daniel, co-owner of Ta’verern Tees. “We want to make our shirts as accessible as possible to the Wheel of Time fandom, and this distribution agreement with InkWing will allow us to do that. We’re also excited to be able to provide InkWing’s apparel based on The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn for fans of Brandon’s other series.”
“We at Inkwing Arts are long-time fans of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series,” said Kara Stewart, business manager of InkWing Arts, “so we are excited to be partnering with the good folks at Ta’veren Tees to bring official Wheel of Time t-shirts to epic fans at conventions we attend.”
Since fans of Sanderson’s other series and WoT often overlap, and each company is located in different parts of the U.S., the partnership is mutually beneficial. The two companies will begin selling limited quantities and selections of each other’s products in July.
InkWing will have a booth at Comic-Con in California, July 12-15, and will have Ta’veren Tees’ newest “Mat Cauthon by Seamas Gallagher” design on hand. Ta’veren Tees will have a booth at LibertyCon in Tennessee, July 20-22, with both Alloy of Law and Way of Kings designs for sale.
If you can’t be at a convention, don’t worry. You can check out InkWing’s full catalog at http://www.inkwing.com and Ta’veren Tees’ catalog at http://www.taverentees.com.
If you are interested in buying wholesale orders from Ta’veren Tees, please write to: contact AT taverentees DOT com.
If you are interested in buying wholesale orders from InkWing Arts, please write to inkwingarts AT gmail DOT com.



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