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New Perrin Shirt from Ta'veren Tees


Calling all Perrin fans!  Our friends at Ta'veren Tees have a great new shirt for you.  It features artwork from popular artist Seamas Gallagher.  Check out the press release:






The trio of ta’veren shirts by The Wheel of Time® artist Seamas Gallagher is finally complete with the addition of the “Perrin Aybara by Seamas” tee, now available for preorder at www.TaverenTees.com/perrinbyseamas.  Preordering this shirt ensures it will be shipped as soon as it is in stock on April 11. In addition, this shirt will be on sale for $26 during the pre-order period.




“Perrin Aybara by Seamas” is available in sizes S-5XL on an adult tee shirt.


Until now, only Gallagher’s versions of Rand (www.taverentees.com/randbyseamas) and Mat (www.taverentees.com/matbyseamas) were available for purchase, and fans of the blacksmith-turned-wolfbrother have been anticipating the release of the final ta’veren. Ta’veren Tees is happy to release this homage to the Wolf King at last. Why the wait? This shirt features updates to the art that cannot be found elsewhere. Older versions of Gallagher’s Perrin depict him with an ax. Ta’veren Tees, along with Seamas, decided it was time for this Perrin to give up the ax and take up the hammer.


The back of the shirt reads “If you could see through these golden eyes of mine, you’d find the world a different place.”


This shirt is available through 5XL on a forest green, adult, cotton tee. All “Special Edition” designs have the snake/wheel logo on the left sleeve.


Seamas Gallagher


Seamas Gallagher started working on The Wheel of Time® as a personal side project. However, he was able to contribute art for The Wheel of Time® graphic novel, and is excited to have his art on Ta’veren Tees, as well. Seamas is an officially licensed WoT artist, whose art can be found at: www.seamasgallagher.com. To read more about Seamas, visit www.taverentees.com/artists.



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