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Lian Crescent: Inktober

Mashiara Sedai
  • DM Featured Member: Lian Crescent

Dragonmount has some amazing members!  We'd like to honor those who have used The Wheel of Time as inspiration, or have contributed to the fandom, or who simply want to share their Wheel of Time story with others who love the series as much as they do. 


Today we are highlighting member @Lian Crescent who has worked tirelessly through the month of October to produce some amazing Wheel of Time artwork.  During the Inktober Challenge (a daily drawing prompt for each day in October) Lian referenced something from The Wheel of Time!


I had the opportunity to chat with Lian about his amazing artwork.


Day 10 - Pattern

Day 10 - Pattern


1.  Tell us about your Wheel of Time journey.  When did you start reading the series?


My Wheel of Time journey started back in 2002 when the Lord of the Rings movies and fantasy was popular. My sister borrowed a book from her college classmate which was The Eye of The World. The cover of Lan and Moiraine caught my eye and I asked my sis what is it about. I then bought my own copy which was the version that was split into two parts, From the Two Rivers, that was published on that same year.


Day 16 - Wild

Day 16 - Wild


2.  Has Wheel of Time inspired other areas of your artwork?


The Japanese art for Wheel of Time has influence my work especially with the character designs. I also took inspiration from Disney and anime and mixed them with my WoT art. I would like to give credit to my dear friend, Mina U.(pettymotives online). Her Forsaken designs greatly inspired my work. Hope WoT fans would check her work as well!


Day 15 - Legend

Day 15 - Legend


3. After Inktober is over, do you plan on making more Wheel of Time fanart?


Definitely but I would have take a break since have a long queue of commissions that needs to be finish. haha     


Day 26 - Dark

Day 26 - Dark


Day 18 - Misfit

Day 18 - Misfit


Day 23 - Ancient

Day 23 - Ancient


Day 21- Treasure
Day 21 - Treasure


4. Some of your works have depth, like “Day 21: Treasure” with Elayne’s action pose or the symmetry used in “Day 23: Ancient.” Others are shown with humor; “Day 18: Misfits” fits this, as does “Day 26: Dark (One).” How do you decide on a tone for your current piece?


It's usually a challenge to find ideas for WoT characters to match the official prompts. I often go for a comedic tone as long as it fits which sadly ending up not using my initial sketches like on "Day 18: Misfits." My first drawing was the Two Rivers five staring in the distance in a serious look. I wasn't happy with it so I had to redo it with The Chosen in a wacky pose. So yeah, I have a couple of scrap Inktober sketches and some of them will never be finished or publicly seen.


Day 20 - Tread

Day 20 - Tread


5. So far, which piece has been your favorite?


My favorite so far is "Day 20: Tread" the one with Aviendha. I put a lot of effort and detail on it and happy on how it turn out. "Day 15: Legend" is a personal favorite cause I made it for someone.


6. Do you have any social media pages you’d like other Wheel of Time fans to know of?


Yes, I am active on Twitter @LianCrescent. I also have a tumblr of the same name where I post my old Wheel of Time fan art.



Thank you, Lian!  Your artwork is amazing and it was so fun to follow your progress throughout the whole month!


If you want to see Lian's other Inktober artwork, check out the DM Gallery here!

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