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Jenn and Jimmy Liang to be Fan Guests of Honor at ConQuest 2019

Mashiara Sedai

Dragonmount's co-leader, and JordanCon founder, Jenn Liang, and her husband Jimmy Liang, will be next year's Fan Guests of Honor at Kansas City's ConQuesT.


From the ConQuesT site:



Jennifer Liang has been an active fan for 20 years. She was one of the first to raise her hand when Jason Denzel asked for volunteers for Dragonmount.com and hasn’t stopped since. Jennifer served as “Amyrlin Seat” and community leader of the site for ten years and continues to be involved in special projects and content creation. She ran the Wheel of Time program track for DragonCon from 2001-2012 and was invited back to helm a new High Fantasy track in 2017. She was a beta reader for the final three Wheel of Time novels and coordinated volunteers around the country for those book tours. Additionally, Jennifer served as President of the Southern Fandom Confederation, the region’s oldest active science fiction fan club from 2013-2018 and chaired two DeepSouthCons. She has been a featured panelist at conventions around the country, speaking about the Wheel of Time, fantasy literature and fandom in general. In 2017, Jennifer received the Hank Reinhardt Georgia Fandom Award for her contributions to fandom. Jennifer is the founder and Chair of JordanCon, the only fantasy literature focused convention in Atlanta.


In her professional life, Jennifer is a Level Two Google Certified Educator and Common Sense Digital Citizenship Ambassador. She is the Instructional Technology Specialist at a small independent school for students with autism spectrum disorders.


Jimmy Liang has a boring office job and generally just does what Jennifer tells him to.


ConQuesT takes place every Memorial Day weekend, at the end of May (May 24-26, 2019).  The year's theme is "mad science and experimental wizardry."  Tickets are on sale now for the early bird price of $30.  On November 1, that price will increase.

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