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Hugo Voter Packet Available

Mashiara Sedai

The voter packet for the Hugo Awards are now available for download.


London, 30 May 2014 ‐ The 2014 Hugo Awards voter packet  ‐ an electronic package of nominated works made available by Hugo nominees and their publishers  ‐  is now available for download by Supporting, Attending and Young Adult members of Loncon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) taking place at ExCeL London from 14 ‐18 August 2014.


The Hugo Awards are the leading awards for achievement in science fiction and fantasy, and are voted on by the Worldcon membership.


The voter packet, which includes full editions of many Hugo ‐ nominated works and preview versions of others, enables Loncon 3 Supporting, Attending, and Young Adult members to familiarise themselves with the Hugo Award contenders before voting. The packet is available now at http://loncon3.org/hugo_vote/hugo_voter_packet.php and will remain available until voting closes at 0000 PDT on Friday 1 August 2014.


The 2014 Hugo Awards will be presented at a ceremony on the evening of Sunday 17 August. The ceremony will be streamed live via the internet to enable fans around the world to experience this celebration of the best of the year's science fiction and fantasy.


The Loncon 3 team will shortly release a voter packet for the Retro Hugos, commemorating the best in science fiction and fantasy available to fans in 1939.


Full details of the Hugo Awards are available at the Loncon 3 web site: http://www.loncon3.org/hugo_awards.php.


For information on how to join the more than 5,000 fans of science fiction and fantasy who have already signed up to attend Loncon 3, visit http://www.loncon3.org/memberships/.


If you want more information on the Hugo awards, please click here. You can also read Brandon Sanderson's thoughts on voting here.  Please remember, though we are fans of the series, we want to familiarize ourselves with the other works nominated.  If you have only read The Wheel of Time out of all the other nominations, it's unfair to other authors and other works.  Wheel of Time may be the best choice out there, but you need to make sure of the fact before you vote.  It's also a good idea to nominate a 2nd place, or 3rd place choice.  As part of the science fiction/fantasy community, we want everyone to get the recognition they deserve for the hard work they put into writing these wonderful works of fiction.

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Just downloaded my packet. For those who want to know the content inside the Novel packet:

/Correia: All 3 books in the Grimnoir Chronicles series, includes the book3 Warbound. epub/mobi/rtf file type.

/Grant: SAMPLE pages form Parasite, ~100 pages.

/Jordan_Sanderson: WoT.epub (27.3MB), .prc(77.5MB). (14 in 1, no new spring)

/Leckie: SAMPLE pages from Ancillary Justice, ~100 pages.

/Stross: SAMPLE pages from Neptunes Brood, ~100 pages

(Feel free to delete this comment if it violates any rules)

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