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A Game of Stones launches v10

Mashiara Sedai

A Game of Stones, an online Wheel of Time Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), is launching a new version.  Version 10, with all the new updates, goes live June 8th.



So it's about 5 months later than I planned, but it's finally upon us. V10 is going to launch next Saturday, June 8th at 10PM CDT (that's Sunday morning at 3AM GMT for those bad at time zones). I feel bad about it taking so much longer than planned, but 1) I wanted this version to be big and 2) I assume most of you are Wheel of Time fans so you should be used to waiting. :P


I know it's not the normal time, but it's easier after the kids are in bed. Starting turns are still staggered so any characters started within the first 20 hours after the site is open will have the the same number of turns. Characters started within the first hour will start with 30 turns, with other characters starting with 2 additional turn each hour later until 20 hours later. All characters started after that will have 70 turns.


Official Site:



New features to this version:

- Characters are now aligned with either the Light or the Shadow based on their actions. Work for the Light or serve the Shadow.


- Track the Ji you earn in each City. Open personal offices and influence the city based on how much Ji you have there.


- Cities now have NPC armies to protect them from Hordes. Help protect the city or weaken the defenses to make it easier for the horde!


- Let the Lord of Chaos rule! Order and Chaos are now tracked in each city, with the Dark One having more influence over cities with less Order.


- Bubbles of Evil have spread across the Pattern. Players can battle smaller Bubbles on their own, while larger Bubbles cause havoc in the cities!


- The 7 Seals of the Dark One's Prison are available to be found. Hold one for yourself, protect it in your clan's cities, but it's only a matter of time before they start to break...


- ...and once they all break, it's time for the end. Tarmon Gai'don is upon us. Strap yourself in for a week long event with the fate of the Pattern at stake. Cities will be destroyed. Allies will become enemies and enemies will fight side by side as the hordes of the Shadow battle the guardians of the Light. Who will prevail?


- Once the Last Battle is over, the Heroes page will freeze and the Light or the Shadow will be declared the winner of the Age. Players can still do battles and run their remaining businesses, but the Age will official be done. Estimate time from start of the Age to end will be about 3 months.


- Evolving Avatars! As your character progresses through the game, the default avatars will change based your nationality, gender, and net worth.

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