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Tor Offers Previews of Upcoming Wheel of Time Companion


Curious about what's in the forthcoming Wheel of Time Companion? So are we! 
If you haven't heard, the Wheel of Time Companion is a supplemental book to the series. Taken from Robert Jordan's unpublished notes and edited by Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's wife and editor, and Jordan's two assistants, Maria Simons and Alan Romanczuk, the Companion will contain new details on characters, locations, the One Power and more. New, never before seen art has been commissioned for this book as well. The Companion is scheduled for release November 3rd, 2015.
Tor.com is running a fun contest to determine what content is previewed this summer. From Tor.com: 
Every few weeks Wheel of Time fans and Tor.com readers will get a chance to SPIN THE WHEEL. Here’s how it works: Leave one comment in this “Spin the Wheel” post with the Companion encyclopedia entry that you’d like to see revealed. (Such as “Aginor” or “Eelfinn” or “sniffing.”) We will close the thread for this post at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, June 19 and randomly select a comment using a random number generator. The entry specified in that comment will be revealed the following week!

Be sure to comment on Tor.com, not here. Comments posted here are NOT eligible.

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Considering that I only had three days before the post was closed, that does'nt leave a whole lot of time to get a comment posted on tor.com. I tried posting a comment on tor.com, selected user name and password, typed up the comment, but it would not add my comment because the post closed on 6-19-15. If they open up a new post, I will try adding a comment then, but for now I am going to leave my thoughts here. I really want to see descriptions about the gholams and the true power since they are not really described in the glossaries or in The World of RJ The Wheel of Time too much. I also want to see maps-both old and new-in TWOT companion! I did not see any maps at all in George RR Martins The World of Ice and Fire which was a disappointment for that book!

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Mashiara Sedai


I agree that it would be awesome to have more information on the gholams and other Age of Legend creations.  And a map of the Age of Legends era would be interesting, too.

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