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Okay...so I hadn't read WH, CoT or KoD as I purchased them, thinking I'd go ahead and start the series from scratch when the final book came out. Then, as I finished some uninspiring fantasy from a few nameless (or soon to be) authors back in early April I decided that now would be the best time to go ahead and reread the entire series to lay the groundwork for the release of the final book.


Just finished KoD - easily best book since LoC...and well worth the read despite the fact that I'll have forgotten most of what I've read when MoL comes out in, oh, late 2007, early 2008 (I hope!).


In the meantime I've enjoyed reading the speculation and analysis by many of you over the past three months (amazing what a google search will bring up), and look forward to reading more. Since I was wasting so much time at work to be here, I figured I'd register and say a quick hello as well.


And Mods, please pass along well wishes to RJ from a reader in Columbia, SC who bought the WoT back in 88 when it first came out. I spent more time during (more then) 4 years of college reading Jordan than going to class, and have enjoyed each book. While the generic criticisms seem true (to wordy/descriptive) the fact is that his work is the definitive "high fantasy" work of our time - and the depth he gives each character and the individual plot lines far outweighs (in my mind) any minor critique of his descriptive style.


(FWIW: I alse enjoyed The Fallon Blood as well as his work in the Conan series).


Anyway, great to be here...great site to be a part of.


Warm Regards,


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Guest Egwene

Mike... great post, but probably should be on the New Menbers board. (if one of the Mods on here could move it there?!)


I don't know if you have read RJ's Blog (top right of screen). You can leave a comment there for the man.


Totally agree with you opinion about WoT as being high fantasy. :D

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