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Podcast team now recruiting

Guest Jason



Hi everyone,


Alas, sometimes "real life" bites us in the butt. As a result, we're going to need to fill some spots on our podcast team. We're looking for on-air personalities and a producer (ie, team leader or somebody to organize the efforts)


We are looking for some fun individuals who can both work with the existing podcast team and bring a new vitality to it.


On-Air personalities should ...

- Love WoT

- Haev good, working knowledge of the book series

- Be up-to-date on WoT news and community events

- Be fluent with the English language

- Be familiar with, or able to easily become familiar with Skype (www.skype.com)

- Be comfortable and natural-sounding

- Have acees to at least a decently-nice microphone

- Have the ability to record their voice to the computer in a "clean" fashion (ie, minimal static, etc)

- Be available on a regular basis for the long-term forseeable future to work on this show.


Time commitment is probably about 2-5 hours per WEEK.


We also need a Podcast Producer who...

- Loves WoT

- Has strong organizational skills

- Has demonstrated team leadership abilities

- Is familiar with audio editing applications (Mac-based preferred)

- Knows how to work some kind of scheduling software

- Can demonstrate they know how to put together a plan for each show

- Can be an "on air personality" if necessary

- Is familiar with Skype

- Has good public relation skills

- Is familiar with FTP, websites, etc.


All applicants should send an email letter of introduction as well as an audio recording of themselves speaking for at least a minute. You can also send in anything else you think is important for us to know or hear.


Please send this stuff, or questions, to podcast@dragonmount.com





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