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Death Becomes You...

Guest Balthamel


Dear Balthamel,


If you had to die with or without the chance of living again, which death would you prefer?

If by chance you get resurrected, would you choose revenge or not?  If yes, how would you try?  If not, how would you spend your time?

If you were to kill any of your fellow Forsaken, which one/ones would you kill and which method/methods would you use?

If the body/bodies still remains/remain, what would you do with it/them?






Dearest MB--


My, but you're an inquisitive one, aren't you?  Trying to squeeze in as many questions as you can before you are sent to your death is admirable.  I will do my best to answer your question before freeing you from your mortal coil.


I much prefer being spun out in a new body to live again.  Especially as one as beautiful as this one.  I could just stare at myself all day.  Besides, dying the final death is for weaklings, like Rahvin.


There is no IF when it comes to my resurrection.  The Great Lord knows what a faithful servant He has in me, which is why he rewards me so greatly.  As for revenge, it would depend on the manner of my death.  While I do harbor some resentment for that Nym fellow who killed me last time, unfortunately the construct died before I could exact any sort of revenge.


I am afraid I can't answer your question about knocking off my fellow Chosen.  That is a secret for me to know, and them to find out when I 'open a can of whup ass' as you primitives call it.


Again, I can't be giving away trade secrets, as far as what happens to the bodies.  Let's just say....what happens in my dungeon, STAYS in my dungeon.


And now that I have answered all of your multiple annoying questions.... *balefire*  Ta!


~Aran'gar Balthamel






I'd first choose not to die. As you can see, it's working rather well for me, so far. I'd like to keep it that way.


Revenge is the only way to live. How I would try would depend on who I was after.


As for offing one of these darling people, I wouldn't dare! (and if you buy that, I have some ocean front property in Saldea I'd like to sell you.) And I would never tell anyone what I did with the bodies, even if the question is hypothetical.


I'd tell you what I'd do with yours, though.






I guess that if I had to kill off anyone, I'd kill off Asmodean.  He keeps showing up at my doorstep begging for attention, or to see if I have a spare bed for him.  And, of course, the ONE time I decided to not tell him to climb into the Pit of Doom and play with the fire ladies, the jerk passed out in my bed, pissed himself, and then proceeded to vomit all over everything.  And, of course, I was out on an errand that night, so I didn't find it until he'd already cleared out for whatever hovel he's considering his chique hideaway these days.  As for what I'd do with his body... hand puppets, anyone?






I don't do dying. I don't even do killing. Not when keeping them alive is so much more fun.


Mind you, I might make an exception for Ishy, if he doesn't stop messing with my Fade puppies. The poor dears always become so nervous when he's been around.


Blackly Yours





I plan to keep coming back to life until they destroy the Ressurection Ship!


Let's just ignored the uncool geeky outburst and focus on my biceps some more.






I have no plans whatsoever to die, no matter which way I would be allowed.


But for the sake of arguement, if I died, of course I would get my sweet revenge once the Great Lord had found a suitable body for my glorious soul. The revenge would would be extremely painful, though unlike Semi, I would not drag it out too much, as I do have more important matters to attend to.


If I were to kill a fellow Chosen? What makes you think I have not already done so?






What is that phrase these kids use these days? OMG! Sammy's a toaster!






I am, I have always been, and more yet, I will always be.  The chosen agents of the Dark One need never fear Death, for I am He.


Know that tools shaped and developed over centuries are often too valuable to simply cast aside.  I would simply bind them to my service in such a way that no so-called Aes Sedai could break, nor even undermine.  A well tamed and trained tool does not turn on it's master, no matter how much it may want to.






If I had no choice but to die, I would die on stage conducting a swan song to make the angels weep, which is a preferable death to what will probably happen to my 'colleagues'.  I imagine that at least one of them will meet their doom at the hands of an unknown stranger in the cellars of some palace somewhere.  As for revenge, well...  I would not require revenge for such a death, although I'm rather certain that dying and living again would leave me irritable, to say the least.  I think I'd be up for killing the first several people or things I saw, regardless of who or what they are.


On the subject of the imminent demise of my fellow Chosen, I would rather keep most of the details to myself; you never know when a good idea will have its time.  However, I'm more than willing to divulge a few of my ideas for some of my compatriots.  First, Sammael.  Poetic justice would dictate that he die screaming on the rack, being stretched to his optimum height.  Moghedien should meet her end under a massive rolled-up newspaper.  Graendal should be locked up in a cell with Paris Hilton until she commits suicide.


And Moggy?  You've been trying to get me into bed for years.  Just because I would rather be there when you're not is no reason to go spreading rumors about me.






I wouldn't be surprised if the angels wept. That cacophony you call music is enough to make a Trolloc twitch.






Moggy, perhaps you should borrow some of Ishy's plastic sheets to use the next time you and Asmodean have a sleepover.  One hint- don't let him put the pixie sticks in his soda pop, or you will have a hyperactive AND incontinent "musician" to deal with.




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