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Ask the Chosen

Guest Matalina


Have you ever wondered what life was like during the Age of Legends? Want some beauty tips from the lovely Lanfear? Well you have come to the only place on the internet where you can finally get the answers that you seek from the folks permanently in a bad mood. Yes the Chosen have woken from the Bore with the sole purpose of answering your questions… and you wonder why they are slowly going insane.


So without further ado, let me introduce those Chosen that have awoken from their slumber and are ready for your questions.


Sammael was a sporting legend. However his sporting career was tragically cut short after taking some of Aginor’s steroid pills which didn’t quite work as planned and left Sammael with some severe shrinkage in the never-regions. Sammael also maintains an abiding hatred of Lews Therin [not that any of the Chosen really like him], and sustains some scary battle scars to prove it. He has also developed a morbid fear of the colour pink, though nobody seems to know why.


Graendal: Stuck with her ugly sounding name since childhood, Graendal has tried to overcompensate by surrounding herself with beauty. A renowned psychologist, though somewhat self centered, she hopes to answer questions about relationships, familial, friendship, and romantic, and of course to assist those in need of a makeover.


Ishamael is our resident evil genius. He is also quite insane, this is partly due to his abuse of the true power and partly because he was forced to listen to the Dark One’s knock-knock jokes, for the past 3,000 years. Ishamael has written many philosophical works during his time in the bore including "Everything you ever wanted to know about Fades (But were afraid to ask)" and "Narg: The Little Trolloc That Could", and eagerly awaits your questions...

Lanfear is undoubtably the most beautiful female in this, or any other world. Not only is she a paragon of perfection, she is the very pinnacle of strength in Saidar, and dazzlingly intelligent. All of this makes her the perfect choice to answer any questions you have on finding and keeping the mate that's right for you, or whatever else is on your little minds. (Lewsie-poo, I'm waiting!).


Rahvin is an expert in political intrigue and diplomacy. It is said that the phrase "She’s one in a million" is not just an expression for Rahvin, but the truth. Much of his time is spent seducing [using compulsion] more lovers [poor helpless maids], however he has [been tortured until he] agreed to spend some time to help those less fortunate in love and to answer their questions.


Asmodean: I'm not dead yet! I'm nearly better! But I'd just like to say that you lot are a bunch of gits. Please, Bela??? Clearly, if you can't figure out who killed me you need help and guidance with the more mundane aspects of your lives.


Get an education from Mesaana! This well-known teacher from the Age of Legends

is available to answer all of your most perplexing questions! Ask her anything

from the best way to subvert roomfuls of children to your dark purposes, to how

to keep the Dragon Reborn from thwarting your best laid plans. Mesaana has an

answer for you!


Semirhage: Sometimes solving a problem takes time, sometimes it takes patience, and sometimes it takes pain. Though Semirhage may prefer the painful path, she is also a doctor and an amateur psychologist.

If you dare, bring her your questions.


Moghedien: Moghedien prefers to keep her personal life personal, but also enjoys helping others weave webs of deciet and illusion. Need help out of a tricky situation? Moghedien may help you, but perhaps at a price.


Demandred is almost good at everything. Unfortunately, Lews Therin was alwys better than him, so he took it as an excuse to turn to the dark side. He enjoys writing, philosophy, and meddling with politics. He also enjoys feeding entire cities to the trollocs.



Chosen that still slumber and unavailable for questions at the moment:






How it all works as well as a few ground rules:


If you are interested in submitting a question to one or all the Chosen, please send an email to AskTheChosen@gmail.com. If you want your question answered by a specific Chosen, please specify this in the subject. Please refrain from asking specific questions concerning the plot in the books. Plot questions are already located in DM’s FAQ as most of the answers you seek will already be answered there. We will also ignored questions concerning politics, religion and any other controversial topics. Once you have submitted your question, please check the Ask The Chosen blog located in the Community section for our response as well as other questions we have answered.


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